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Baha Mar Resorts | Bahamas

Baha Mar Resorts | Bahamas


We are back and blogging! I know it’s been sometime since my last blog but I couldn’t begin to explain how crazy 2018 was! I’m excited to share with you a new resort in Nassau, Bahamas. My husband and I were invited by American Express Centurion to try out the new Rosewood Baha Mar for a complimentary 3 night stay. We were so glad we took this offer so I can share it with you!

Rosewood Baha Mar is apart of the Baha Mar resorts which includes the SLS Baha Mar, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and the largest casino in Nassau. Rosewood offered us roundtrip luxury car service to and from the airport. In the airport, they have a large lounge room at arrivals where you can request one or you can set one up prior and be on your way. Arriving on a Sunday, we were welcomed by their homemade coconut cocktail, a must try! 

Wanderlust Hotels

There are three properties to choose from when staying within the Baha Mar Resort.

Rosewood Baha Mar - The newest addition to the Baha Mar property. Offering the same great service as the rosewood properties you have come to know. Great Bahamian contemporary aesthetic. Serene pool atmosphere, and minimal kids present. Great for a couples romantic getaway.

SLS Baha Mar - A more hip and lively selection. This hotel offers DJ entertainment at the pool and upbeat music. There were a noticeable amount of kids around this resort pool. Great for young couples with children.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar - Largest and original resort for Baha Mar. This hotel is located front and center on the resort. Offering a modern luxury interior, with center view of the resort. Great for family and couples.


Wanderlust Cuisine

Manor Bar - Great lobby bar for pre or post dinner drinks. We had been traveling all day so my husband and I ordered the Espresso martini of course. Leslie was our bartender, and he was so fantastic! He makes THE best gin martini you will ever have. 

Costa ( Rosewood Property) - Dinner starts with complimentary chips and dips, which are worth the splurge! So good! We ordered the Grouper Ceviche and the Tuna Ceviche for dinner. To finish the night, we had to try the Tequila ice cream. Order this ahead of time, out waiter did not warn us that it would take 30 min...or just ask for the tequila ice cream scoop a la carte. Delicious, and worth the calories! Rated 7 of 10.

3 Tides ( Grand Hyatt Property )- Seafood restaurant on resort. If the weather is nice I recommend asking for a patio table so you can see the beautiful fountain show from your table. Dinner starts with complimentary rolls. We ordered the Shishito peppers and crab cakes to start. Our main course followed with the Ceviche roll and Protein roll. The protein roll comes in a bowl and is rice less. Rated 5 of 10 due to service and food.

Common Wealth - located in the Rosewood property. This was absolutely my favorite dining experience while at the Baha Mar resort. To start the dinner off , we ordered a red wine and tuna & green apple tartar starter. The decanters here are fab, ask the to pour your bottle into one. Next up, the lamp chops, worth a second appetizer, or theres enough for a meal. I am not usually partial to order a lamb chop but I would order them again from here no doubt. For the main course, Ribeye & Canadian Lobster, perfection! Oh, let’s not forget the dessert, get the Commonwealth chandelier, you won’t be disappointed. Rated 9 of 10. They also offer complimentary breakfast buffet until 11am everyday.

SLS Monkey Bar - Another great option for pre or post dinner drinks. This bar is located in the SLS property of the resort .The decor is modern and swanky, while suited monkey art surround the bar. We came here prior to dinner and enjoyed the espresso martinis and charcuterie. I’d say a must try but i’m partial to a good charcuterie board!

Here’s a full list of culinary experiences within the Baha Mar resort.


Wanderlust Experiences  

Resort Water sports - head to the beach to enjoy paddle boarding and snorkeling, which are included activities with the resort. They have the coolest lounge floats in the ocean too, check them out!

Tour the Property - After we paddle boarded, we walked up the beach to visit Flamingo Cay, which is on property. There are great snacks near the cay if you have the afternoon munchies. We toured the property and I made my instagram husband take a million photos. This resort is a instagramer’s dream! There are food trucks, margarita trucks, ice cream pop bikes and the cutest beach shacks all around. Take the time to wander and snap pics! Continuing to wander around, we ended up at the cigar bar, Flames, near the casino where you can have a cigar, cocktail and watch the sunset flames come to life!

Casino - Take a chance at your luck! This casino is so clean and free of ringing slot machine bells like you would hear in Las Vegas. Luxury stores and restaurants are lined around the casino. Stores include Cartier, Tiffany’s, and Rolex, which are tax free shopping!

Jazz Bar - Such a fun night cap! Swing by and take a look at the extensive martini menu and enjoy live entertainment. We tried the ‘Hot as a cucumber’ and ‘Black pepper’ martinis. Be sure you clarify your vodka preference with these as house will be given if not.

Spa - Enjoy massage services inside the rosewood spa or you can book inside you poolside cabana but you must book these 24 hours in advance. We were bummed to find this out, but our waiter mentioned there was a massage therapist vendor on the beach who is contracted with the hotel. We each booked the beach service. Pricing was $100/hr, $70/45 min, $50/30min or $10/10min.

Visit Exuma Islands - You could also take a boat to the exumas, which is a 2 hour boat ride from here. This is where the famous swimming pigs live. See my previous post featuring the exuma islands.

Shopping - We started with breakfast at commonwealth and took this half day opportunity to do some tax free shopping in the casino. Here’s a link to the list of stores.

Bond - They have a night club, Bond, on site too, that is open Thursday to Saturday.

Here is a full list of experiences within the Baha Mar resort.


Wanderlust Luggage

Wanderlust itinerary

Day 1 evening only:

Pre dinner cocktail at Manor Bar

Dinner at Costa 

After Dinner Casino 

Day 2:

Rent a Cabana 

Lunch by the pool. 

Paddle Boarding 

Flamingos Cay 

Cigar Bar

Dinner at 3 Tides

After dinner Jazz Bar 

Day 3:

Breakfast at commonwealth until 11am


Spa services

Lunch at cabana 

Pre dinner cocktail at SLS Monkey Bar

Dinner at Common wealth 

Day 4:

Breakfast at Commonwealth 

Shopping and touring the resort


Honorable Mentions  

I want to conclude this blog with a few more details on service, whats coming soon for this resort and other activities that we didn’t have the time to experience. I was beyond pleased with the service by Rosewood. Steven and his staff went out of there way to make sure we were happy and taken care of. I almost feel like this is harder to find these days but you can find it here at Rosewood Baha Mar. The rosewood is soon to be opening their five pool villas that are 3-5 bedrooms. They should be opening in February of this year. A water park is expected to be complete next door by 2020.


I hope I have inspired you to visit The Baha Mar property in Nassau, Bahamas.. As always, feel free to email me with anymore questions about this destination. Stay Wandering!

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